Heavy-duty crane for heavy tree-length logs. With outreaches from 8.25 up to 9.65 metre.

The JONSERED 2850S is an evolutionary development of the legendary Big Jon model, JONSERED 2490S. Its main components have been fully revamped and its boom geometry further developed, resulting in a significantly higher lifting capacity without compromising its light weight. Heavy tree-length logs require heavy-duty cranes. Excellent ergonomics, accurate controls and durable design combined with the speed of the hydraulics make the crane controls precise and easy to operate.

Tehcnical infoJONSERED 2850S83JONSERED 2850S91JONSERED 2850S97
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (m)8.25 m9.05 m9.65 m
Weight (kg)2380 kg2440 kg2500 kg
Lifting Capacity (kg)8400 kg8140 kg7790 kg
Lifting Capacity (kNm)265 kNm258 kNm253 kNm