Low-built hooklift model with sliding movement and 24 ton capacity. Optimises your payload capacities.

With the MULTILIFT XR24SL series hooklifts you can optimise the payload capacities of the vehicle. When transferring light-weight goods long distances it is important to transport as many cubic metres as possible to fully maximize profitability. With the XR Low-built hooklift even fitted to a standard truck an extra 1 cubic metre can be carried in a standard 6.5m container. Add to this the extra cubic metres of additional containers loaded onto a drawbar trailer and the benefits of the low installation height are fully realised. PLC-operated control system, simple control system structure. Revolutionary options: Automatic sequence control, fast speed, fast tipping and friction relief for frictionless body change. All options can be chosen independently to match your precise requirements. High quality top coat painting at factory as standard. High strength, together with low weight, maximises the payload potential of the vehicle.


  • Transport maximum volume
  • Maximise your payload
  • High return on investment
  • Fast hooklift operation
  • Professional appearance


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