Low weight, high strength and superior performance. Sliding hooklift model with 16 ton capacity.

MULTILIFT XR16S, a 16-ton capacity hooklift for 3-axle 26 GVW trucks, is a member of XR Power hooklift range. The low weight of the equipment, together with high strength and superior performance will boost your productivity. XR16S is available with the control choices familiar from XR Power hooklift range. PLC-operated control system, simple control system structure. Revolutionary options: Automatic sequence control, fast speed, fast tipping and friction relief for frictionless body change. All options can be chosen independently to match your precise requirements. High strength, together with low weight, maximises the payload potential of the vehicle.


  • High return on investment
  • Maximise your payload
  • Operate extra equipment from the hooklift controls
  • Professional appearance
  • Short lead times on delivery and installation