ForSte 39TJJ is a telescopic aerial platform with jib that can be mounted on trucks with minimum G.V.W. of 18 tons; this model is equipped with a secondary jib which allows it to perform operations not executable by a single jib platform. Thanks to this feature forSte 39TJJ is able to work under-bridge and under-truss. Able of a maximum working height of 39 m and a maximum outreach of 30 m, the forSte 39TJJ has got a safe working load (SWL) of 300 kg (3 operators + tools). ForSte 39TJJ is equipped with a multi-area stabilization system that allows the operator to choose between different options depending on the available space; moreover the rear outriggers of the new forSte 39TJJ are formed of 2 hydraulic extensions that increase the stabilizing polygon and, consequently, the maximum working outreach of the platform. The ground emergency controls are managed from the control point installed on the side of the turret. The rotation of the aerial part is 700°. ForSte 39TJJ can be equipped with an hydraulic winch mounted on the jib, with 500 kg loading capacity, used once the aluminum basket has been removed. The rotation of the aluminum basket, with dimensions 2300x900x1100 mm hydraulically extendable up to 3300 mm to increase the operational space, is 180° + 180° and it allows under-bridge interventions.